Grand Opening of Hubbell, MI based Q Builders Roofing Company

August 01, 2022

Hubbell, Michigan

Hubbell, MI based Q Builders is pleased to announce the grand opening of their new location. While the roofing contractor is a new arrival in the area as of 2021, their team comprises many veteran roofers and other experienced staff. As such, they can immediately offer new customers an exemplary service at very competitive prices.

“Our customers and wider community,” the company says, “will quickly find that we are ready to take on any roofing challenge that is presented to us. Our brand may be new, but our team wields nearly 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We currently serve the island area of Houghton County, including Laurium, Calumet, Hancock, Hubbell, Lake Lynden, Tamarack and the surrounding areas. If your home is in or nearby these areas, please give us a call. We will be happy to see how we can accommodate you.”

Grand Opening of Roofing & Repair Company Q Builders In Houghton County

The company offers a variety of roofing services, including residential standard roof, high pitch roof and flat roof replacement. Additionally, homeowners are encouraged to inquire about their rubber roofing, roof repair, roof inspection, attic venting, attic installation and repair, roof damage repair from storm and wind damage services. See more here: Roofing Contractor Near You.

Many customers may be surprised to learn that the company also has experience buying and flipping houses in the area. While their primary expertise is in roofing, many at Q Builders have experience in general construction techniques and so on, and they are more than able to handle renovations and remodeling projects. In fact, Q Builders also does complete residential renovations and home remodeling, and customers have the opportunity to request the company’s services in this regard whether or not they are looking to sell their home.

“Q Builders was founded on the premise that the home should be where everyone in our community can feel completely safe,” the company says, “but it should also be something they can take pride in. Whether your entire family lives with you or you live by yourself, it needs to be structurally sound and inviting — either for yourself or any guests you care to call over. With our help, your home can be transformed into a structure that accurately reflects your personality and practical needs or simply stands out among your neighbors’ properties. With the right plans, you can even accomplish all of this at once.”

Separately, the company confirms that their team is familiar with the terms set by homeowners associations, and any construction they undertake can be implemented with respect to the rest of the neighborhood if necessary. In many cases, a compromise can be found that accomplishes the customer’s goals without crossing any lines, and the company is adept at finding such solutions.

Q Builders adds that homeowners are welcome to make their wishes known in the event they are considering a renovation ahead of an intended sale. In certain cases, the company may be willing to take the property off their hands for an attractive sum, and the customer has the added advantage of closing much faster than if they attempted a more conventional sale.

The company is eager to show their community what they are capable of, and they guarantee both a satisfactory result as well as unparalleled customer service on every job. Every customer and home is unique, and Q Builders approaches every project with an open mind. This effectively means that customers can expect the team to listen to all their concerns and proceed as if the house in question were their own.

They explain, “In many cases, a standard solution will be all that is needed for your roof or home. However, should you have any concerns that your property will need a special touch, you can expect to find that here as well. Our team is great at problem-solving, and we look forward to solving your roofing and construction problems for you.”

Q Builders can be reached by email or phone, but customers are also welcome to stop by their new location in Hubble, MI if they so wish. The team is always ready to have a frank discussion regarding a customer’s planned projects.


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About Q Builders:

Q Builders specializes in residential standard roof, high pitch roof and flat roof replacement, rubber roofing, roof repair, roof inspection, attic venting, attic installation and repair, roof damage repair from storm and wind damage.

Contact Q Builders:

Greg Drebert
Q Builders
51695 Tamarack St
Hubbell, MI 49934
906 256-0808

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